Responsive site versus Mobile App

Building a website is a challenge for all new and existing businesses.  Without one, you will probably not be found by your new or existing customers.  An existing customer may need to know your hours of operation, or a phone number, or just some more information about your business.  New customers are more likely to look to the web to find a product or service that they require.  There they can find reviews and suggestions about your product or service.


Hands holding tabletAs of April 21,2015 google is looking for responsive sites on the web.  A responsive site will look great on a desktop or laptop, as well as on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

The responsive website will help you with search engine optimization and make your site viewable to all users.   If this is done right, it will have an easy navigation menu with  contact information in a prominent spot.  People will be able to view any information from your site or give you a call to find out a question they may have.  It will also have a moving map for your customers with an internet/gps ready phone.  They can use the moving map to locate your business easily.


Touch screen mobile phone, in handThis is a different concept, that is used by businesses to make it easier for their customers.  Using a mobile app can make it easier to access your bank account, calculate values for real estate, etc.  You can have a mobile app built if you are wanting something specific for your phone that makes it easier for your customer.  My personal opinion on the mobile app is that it is great for your bank, or airline or big business that needs something specific for a phone.  However, a good responsive design for a business should work well on the phone to get people the information they need about your business if you have a storefront, or if your service or product is something they can purchase through the web.  I believe that the less confusion you give your customer or potential customer the better.  Everything should be as easy as possible and should be consistent through the web.  If your website provides a function, your mobile app should provide that same function, basically in the same way to make it easy for the user if they are on their phone, or on their desktop.

The first book I read after I started my business was called “Don’t Make Me Think”  I believe this concept of not making your user have to “figure” out what you want them to do is the best way to build a website, and it will allow them to feel comfortable with your ability to provide them the service or product that you have to offer.

I have worked with customers and business owners, and people of all abilities.  Ease of use is by far the most important feature of your website.  Searchability is extremely important as well.  Using a wordpress responsive website to build your business will be an excellent stepping stone on your way to a successful business.  Please give me a call if you have questions about a new or existing website.  Visit my site at or come visit us at our regular meeting for Take a Chair Ladies and see how we can help each other through education and networking.



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