Meeting Notes – April 10 2019

April 10th Meeting Notes

We had a good turnout at the April 10th meeting. Attending: Kelley, Catherine, Deborah, Lucy, Vickie, Lynne. Excused: Marian, Julie, Kim.
We started the practice of a printed Agenda, which met with approval with the group.

Discussed communicating absents when you’re not going to make it. Everyone committed to do better…

The summer schedule was set: No meetings: June 5th, 26th & July 10th
( possible attendance was 4 or under). Meetings resume: July 24th and we meet on both the 2nd & 4th Wed. ( August 14th & 28th – pole showed 5 or more).

Discussion of non-active member being removed from group: Voted to remove Andrea & Kerry : no communication since before Christmas and lack of participation.

Process of voting for new members was updated: they will be called after the meeting, and not invited to hear the results at the meeting. This led to discussion of ideas for bringing in new members with lots of ideas floated about specific people. April 24th meeting: members will bring a list to the next meeting – 3 people to invite and compare so we don’t invite conflicting business categories, 10 mins. Kelley: Instagram presentation, 10 min. MRA update: In addition to meetings, let’s use our Facebook group (which is a closed group only members see what’s posted) in between meetings, for faster interaction. ( how often do each of us check that page?)

As requested, here is the current list of business types that we welcome: Accountant/bookkeeper / Architect / Financial Advisor-Banker / blogger / Car repair / carpet cleaner /dentist / Florist / House cleaning / house painter interior design / Landscaper / Limo service / mortgage broker / Personal trainer / Professional organizer / event (wedding) planner / window washer / Day Spa’s ( instead of esthetician )

From the original list, I left off: Business Coach – Catherine : would this be a conflict? Hairdresser & Massage Therapist ( too personal / already have)

Realtor ( we have that occupation filled by Deborah). No direct sales.
( there was another one mentioned, but not sure what it was ) : Maybe Lawyer ( Julie?)

Open House Scheduled- First meeting in September ( 2nd Wednesday/ Sept. 11th ) start planning now and finalize details @ July 24th meeting

Announcements that I remember:
Brief update on Marian… in Boulder with friends at this time.
Vickie announced that she will be leaving the group, next meeting will be her last. 🙁

Kelley’s now President of 2 corporations… details from Kelley (if you want to share anything)

A BIG Thanks to Deborah for volunteering to be the Moderator through July…

There were several announcements which I did not get written down, so I invite all members to add their notes and reply to the group.
Please update your email lists: (NEW)

Not sure what all I missed… but fill in is appreciated! Lynne