Cameras For Kibera

Take a Chair Ladies is proud to support Cameras for Kibera.

TACL Supporting Cameras for Kibera-1490

Left Hand Valley Courier-1498Kibera is East Africa’s largest slum, housing around 1,000,000 residents in appalling conditions.  Kenya has a very male dominated society and there are very few training or creative outlets for women.  A TACL Member visited Kenya recently and saw first hand the great work that was being done by the charity Carolina for Kibera.    Take a Chair Ladies’s mission is to promote and support female run businesses.    It was only natural for the group to support a program designed to empower young women, especially ones that face such enormous challenges.  It is amazing what happens when these girls are given a voice and a creative outlet.  Here is some of the powerful work done already:
Niwot Market Supports Camera DriveCarolina for Kibera needs digital cameras (with charger and memory card if possible) to expand their program.  They are being collected at Niwot Market, May 11-18.   A venue with  Longmont Chamber will be confirmed shortly.  For more information please call Lucy Tuck Photography: 303 506 0657 or email – she is happy to arrange additional  or further afield collections.   If you don’t have a camera, please consider donating here:

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