SEO, Email Security and Fraud

Please click responsibly!

Don’t click and drive…..

When reading your emails it is easy to be fooled.  If you get an email telling you your site is about to expire, or your SEO is expiring, and you have to “act now” or you will lose your domain etc,  it is probably just a scam.  Never click on a link in an email that is asking you to login to your account.  If you get something from PayPal (or any website which might have protected information) that requests you to click to login it is best practice to go to the address bar on your browser and type in the domain name (e.g. Never click on a link from within an email and type in your login information as it is probably a trick to steal your important information.  Another common trick is to tell you your email will be removed or deleted if you don’t click the link.  Always save your email in a bookmark or on your desktop where you can easily click on a link within your browser.  Call your web host or Longs Peak Web Design if you think there may be a problem.  They can verify it for you.   Anyone can cut a logo from any site and use it to make the email look official.   If you get an email from someone you know, but you don’t know why they are sending you a link,  call them and make sure the link is safe, they will know if they sent it to you or if it was a spammer who stole their email address.   Also be careful on facebook, filling out information that might be used as security questions can be a trick to steal your identity.  Some of the posts seem like a fun way to get to know someone, but you don’t know who is collecting that information and may use it to steal your account information.  If you use the same password or security questions for your bank account, a thief could easily be using that information to steal your identity.  It is easy to be fooled, so “Let’s be careful out there”.


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