Color Therapy

Hello! If you missed our meeting this morning at Le Peep restaurant on Ken Pratt Blvd in Longmont, here is a brief synopsis of just one of the informational presentations that took place.  This information was shared by Vickie McLane, Registered Yoga Teacher and Owner/Operator at Yoga Adobe, a yoga studio located in Berthoud, Colorado.

Color Therapy. Heard the term? This practice has been around for thousands of years in many countries around the world.  Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to Color Therapy and find the subject absolutely fascinating not only for it’s simplicity, but it’s relevance because of that simplicity.  We live in an overly scheduled world.  How can you keep your energetic, emotional and physical bodies in tune and in balance? It’s really quite simple – apply color!

Color Therapy uses the rainbow colors and frequently relates these colors to one of the 7 energy centers of the body known as the Chakras.  If you feel unbalanced in one of your Chakras you may achieve some relief through the use of color – wearing it, eating it, drinking it, visualizing it, decorating with it – the sky’s the limit!!

There are many lovely books available through your local library that will give you a world of depth on this topic.  Here are a few you might consider browsing through:

Discover Color Therapy by Helen Graham – presents many examples of ways to heal using color – check out the Applied Kinesiology on page 39.

Simply Color Therapy by Nina Ashby – has a chapter devoted to Dressing for Success and a chapter with tips on healthy colors in your home décor.

The Practical Book of Color Therapy by Susan Lilly and Simon Lilly – this volume uses loads of beautiful color images to help you understand how color affects us both consciously and subconsciously. Pages 60 & 61 give us an interesting color assessment exercise. Pages 66-71 show us the relationship between the colors of our foods and our health and energy.

Also, here is an interesting website on the topic: – this website offers a free test to help you determine which areas of your body are in need of color therapy.

Enjoy your exploration of color!

Vickie McLane, E-RYT200, CYKF, RD – Owner and operator of Yoga Adobe, Berthoud, Colorado

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